’18-’19 Collegiate Ambassadors

Our 2018-2019 Foundation Collegiate Ambassadors are passionate and willing to advocate for the Tri Sigma Foundation’s mission, including our philanthropic partnership with March of Dimes. The Ambassadors will be working closely with the Tri Sigma Foundation staff and volunteers to educate members about the Foundation and its giving opportunities, such as Lucy’s Legacy Undergraduate Giving Club.


The University of North Carolina Greensboro

Senior, Communication Studies Major

“I’m so excited to be returning to the Foundation as a second year ambassador for the 2018-2019 school year. I hold the position of Education Director. I look forward to bringing my leadership and knowledge back to the team to show others how to give back to an organization that has given and continues to give so much to not only myself, but the world around me.”


The University of North Carolina Greensboro

Senior, English Literature Major

“I am currently Epsilon Nu’s Vice President of Operations, but before that, I had the amazing chance to study abroad in Leicester, United Kingdom! I have been fortunate enough to have the Foundation support me at Presidents Academy, and many more opportunities since my freshman year and my time with Epsilon Nu.”


The University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

Junior, Communications Major

“I am originally from Illinois, but decided to attend college in Wisconsin! I am majoring in communications with a public relations emphasis as well as a minor in advertising. In my free time, I love to read, spend time with my friends, and watch the university wrestling team. I am so excited to be a collegiate ambassador and gain skills that will help me grow as a student and person.”


Bryant University

Sophomore, Marketing Major

“I look forward to giving back to the Foundation that works hard to better the lives of mothers and families all over the world and so much more. My goal is to inspire sisters of my chapter as well as other chapters to follow in my footsteps to support and advocate for the Foundation.”


Kent State University

Senior, Journalism Major

“I’m very excited to get more involved with Tri Sigma at a national level and positively impact, empower and inspire my sisters and chapter. I am honored to be part of the Foundation Collegiate Ambassador program and to be able to give back to this incredible Sorority and Foundation.”