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Drexel University

Sail Away with Sigma – Sigma Returns to Drexel University. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma will recolonize our Alpha Delta chapter at Drexel University in Fall 2011.

The addition of Alpha Delta chapter will bring Sigma Sigma Sigma to a total of 110 chapters nationally.

st joes bid day

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Click the Icon Above to Connect with the Drexel colonization team on Facebook! To participate in the colonization as a potential member of the Drexel colony, connecting with our Facebook application is the right first step!!

The Tri Sigma experience at Drexel University will be focused on the Essential Sigma member development program, designed to create a values-centered environment that nurtures women and provides them with the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of life. Personal empowerment, purposeful philanthropic and community service, meaningful sisterhood experiences, and an environment rooted in our tradition of human dignity are hallmarks of every Tri Sigma chapter. We share Drexel’s commitment to a values-focused experience for all members of the fraternity and sorority community, and we are proud to return to this vibrant, dynamic campus. 

Drexel Highlights 

Drexel University continues to develop a values-based, award winning experience for women joining fraternal organizations. A robust community that thrives within an urban landscape, we are pleased and proud to be returning to a community that develops outstanding lifelong members of their respective organizations. 

What People are Saying
Sigma Sigma Sigma National President Kaye Schendel said “Drexel’s commitment to excellence mirrors our commitment to providing nothing short of spectacular opportunities for women to live lives of friendship, character, and conduct. We are overjoyed to return to Drexel, and expect great things from this fine community.” 

When will women be able to join the colony at Drexel?

The colonization team, in partnership with campus based professionals at Drexel, will coordinate a recolonization effort that will formally begin AFTER formal recruitment in October 2011. Specific dates are yet to be determined, but our experience allows women from all class levels at Drexel to potentially join our colony. We’re looking forward to starting PR/Marketing efforts over the summer, and recruiting a stellar colony class in the Fall of 2011.

What kind of support will Tri Sigma be giving Alpha Delta?
A lot! We will use our successful expansion model for developing and training the new colony advisory board and chapter officers. Sigma Sigma Sigma staff members adept at colony and new chapter care will recruit and train these women in person and through Webinars and conference calls. Tri Sigma alumnae volunteers and our staff will provide the colony with support and empower them to begin acting as a fully functioning chapter. An additional support team will be staffed by Sigma Sigma Sigma specialists in the areas of leadership, recruitment, finances, housing, programming and more. This model has been highly successful for other NPC groups at Drexel. Our positive results were the outcome of the commitment of a full Tri Sigma team, our newest alumnae chapter in Philadelphia, and area alumnae and collegiate chapters who supported the efforts on campus. That level of commitment will continue as we set up this colony for success.

How can alumnae help?
Talk it up! Tell others about what a fabulous opportunity this is to offer Sigma Sigma Sigma membership to a great number of young women in Philadelphia!

Sponsor young women – starting now – who are already enrolled at Drexel (we will pledge women from all class ranks) or who will transfer or will be freshmen on campus next fall. It’s never too early to let us know about qualified potential new members. Our newest alumnae group in Philadelphia is growing and doing lots to support this group, and many of those women are stepping up to support this exciting opportunity at Drexel University. You can, too!  We welcome all forms of support, including time, talent and treasure.

When will women be able to join the colony at Drexel? 
Here is our schedule of events that will be open to women interested learning more about joining Tri Sigma!
October 24-25 Sail Away with Sigma 
October 26 Sigma Serves Children
October 25-27 Infoviews
October 29 Sisterhood Night/ Preference
*invitation only
October 30 Bid Day
*invitation only


We’d love to hear from you!

Questions, comments or suggestions about Sigma Sigma Sigma recolonizing at Drexel? Send us a message at .If you are a potential new member and would like to be a part of our interest list, please visit and select Drexel.


Connect with us on Sigma's Fan Page and on our Drexel Sigma Sigma Sigma Fan Page.

Do you have questions about the sponsorship of a potential new member at Drexel? Do you want to write a Sponsor Form, send a résumé or get more information? Write to: